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Shariah-Compliant Unit Trust

For medium to long-term goals, unit trust is a viable investment option as it utilises time and the expertise of investment professionals to your advantage. The earlier you start, the better your chances of reaping potentially higher returns.

Why is diversification important

  • Minimises the risk of loss

    To your overall investment portfolio by reducing potential volatility.

  • Allows you to explore more opportunities for return

    By spreading your investments to different asset classes.

  • Protects you against adverse market cycles

    And unexpected market crisis like what we have experienced with COVID-19.

Shariah-Compliant Structured Product

A customisable investment solution which can be tailor-made according to your investment need, market view and risk appetite. You can choose from various structures with returns dependent upon movements of a predetermined index, equity, FX rates or interbank rate benchmark. For example:

  • HSBC Amanah Principal Protected Participation Structured Product offers you the opportunity to capitalise on upside potential of your preferred equity or index to earn an enhanced return
  • HSBC Amanah Principal Protected Absolute Performance Structured Product offers you the opportunity to earn a positive return not only when underlying equity/index price goes up but also when the underlying price goes down
  • HSBC Amanah Principal Protected Range Accrual Interest Rate Linked Structured Product offers you the opportunity to capitalise on range bound view of market rates to earn regular profit payment higher than fixed deposit
  • HSBC Amanah Principal Protected Digital Lock-In Equity/Index Linked Structured Product offers you the opportunity to earn regular profit payment higher than term deposit rate when the underlying equities/indices stay above a predetermined level (e.g. 90% of initial price)


Sukuk are Shariah compliant debt securities which represent certificates of equal value that evidence undivided ownership or investment in the underlying assets using Shariah principles. Essentially, when you invest in Sukuk, your money is put into the assets of a project or investment in order to generate profit. Sukuk offers you the opportunity to earn profit (in the form of coupon) on periodic basis. It can also be traded (buy or sell) prior to maturity provided a counterparty is found at the best effort basis of the Bank. HSBC Amanah offers sukuk in various currencies and credit ratings.

Foreign exchange

Access real-time FX rates and transfer money instantly across the globe.

Only individuals registered with Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FiMM) as consultants are authorised to promote, market and distribute unit trust schemes. To better safeguard your interest during any discussion and investment related to unit trust schemes, you are advised to access and key in the full name of the unit trust consultant to verify if they are authorised by FiMM.

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1HSBC Amanah refers to HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad (Company No. 807705-X).

2Rates used for conversion of foreign currencies to Malaysian Ringgit are indicative only and may differ from rates applied at time of any transactions. It does not take into account any actual foreign exchange transactions that occur during and after settlement.

3Unit Trust Data (including prices) - Morningstar Asia Limited, Unit Trust (market updates) - Thomson Reuters, Takaful data - HSBC Amanah Takaful (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

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