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Unit trust email advice/statement FAQs

What is an email advice/statement?

An email advice/statement is your investment advice/statement in pdf format that is sent to the email address you have on record with us. Only unit trust products are covered by this service at the moment.

Why is HSBC implementing email advices/statements now?

This is to ensure you receive your advices/statements in the most convenient, secure and timely way possible. The benefits of email advices/statements are:

Timely delivery of your advices/statements in a secure and private manner. Only you get to see your investment advices/statements

No lost or misplaced advices/statements

No more physical filings

Support HSBC's Go Green initiative by contributing to a paperless initiative, reducing your global carbon footprint

If there is any change to your email address, please let us know by calling our Contact Centre at 1-300-88-1388 (local callers) or +603-8321 5400 (overseas callers). Alternatively, you can also update your email address through online banking at or

It's important we have your latest email address on record to ensure you receive your email advices/statements on time.

Do I have to pay for email advice/statement services?

It is free of charge for you to subscribe to or use email advice/statement services.

I forgot my email advice/statement password. How do I reset/change it?

You won't be able to change/reset your password currently. However, all you have to do is to read the accompanying email, which contains your password, and key that in to open the email advice/statement.

I'm concerned about my personal data. Is the email advice/statement service secure?

Since the email advice/statement is sent with password protection, only you will be able to view the advice/statement.

How will I know when my email advices/statements have been emailed to me?

You'll receive an email from HSBC Malaysia, originating from To ensure you receive your email advices/statements without them being directed to your spam or junk folders, we suggest you add this email address to your address book/contact list.

Note: Do not reply to this email address as it is not used for receiving incoming messages.

Can I request for any previous months' advices/statements to be sent to me via email?

Yes, you may request for advices/statements up to 3 months prior to your last advice/statement date to be sent to your email address at no charge. Please call our Contact Centre or walk in to our branches to submit your request.

Can I revert to paper advices/statements?

Yes. You may walk into any HSBC branch or contact our Contact Centre at the following numbers if you wish to revert to receiving paper advices/statements.

Personal Banking Helpdesk : 1-300-88-1388 (local callers)

+603-8321 5400 (overseas callers)

Premier Banking Helpdesk : 1-300-88-9393 (local callers)

+603-8321 5208 (overseas callers)

Please ensure you leave at least 7 calendar days before your next advice/statement date, otherwise your request will not be processed on time.

I have a joint investment account with my husband and I've enrolled for email advices/statements, but my husband has not signed up for email advice/statements. Will my husband and I receive email advices/statements?

Only you will receive email advices/statements for your joint investment account, while your husband will continue to receive paper advices/statements sent to the registered address of the joint investment account.

If your husband wishes to receive email advices/statements, he will need to update his email address via online banking, by calling our Contact Centre, or heading in to one of our branches to submit the request.

Do I have to pay for paper advice/statement services?

Paper advices/statements are presently available at no additional cost.

How will I be notified about the conversion of my paper advices/statements to email advices/statements?

2 notifications will be sent to you:

- Email notification to the email address you have on record with the bank

- SMS notification to the mobile number you have on record with the bank

Why did I not receive my email advice/statement?

Please ensure your latest email address is updated in our system so we can resend the advice/statement to you. You may change/update your email address via online banking at or, by calling our Contact Centre, or by walking into an HSBC branch close to you.

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