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Cash Instalment Plan

Convert your credit card-i's available limit into cash with affordable monthly instalments.

Enjoy greater financial flexibility with HSBC Amanah Cash Instalment Plan

With our Cash Instalment Plan, you can convert your credit card-i's available credit limit into instant cash quickly and hassle free.

Benefits at a glance

  • No supporting documents

  • Instalment period of 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 years

  • Competitive management fee rate

  • No early settlement fee

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Things you should know

The minimum amount for each Cash Instalment Plan ("CIP") application to qualify for this programme is RM1,000 and the amount must be in multiples of 100. A 2% cash advance fee will be charged if the CIP Amount is below RM5,000. The Eligible Cardholder shall pay 100% of the CIP monthly Instalment which is part of the Minimum Monthly Payment due on or before the payment due date. The management fee offered is subject to HSBC Amanah's approval. The terms used herein are as defined in the HSBC Amanah Cash Instalment Plan Terms & Conditions.

Please read the PDFs below for corresponding full terms and conditions.

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