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Fast access, more control

Easy access and control of your money whenever you need it, wherever you are

Faster access with HSBC Amanah Advance

As an HSBC Amanah Advance customer, you can do your day-to-day banking any time of the day. Secure online and mobile banking keeps you in control of your money, wherever you are in the world.

Features and benefits

Multi-channels make banking more efficient

  • Secure 24/7 online banking for all your HSBC/HSBC Amanah accounts1 worldwide. View balances, transactions & statements and transfer money between your accounts.
  • Mobile Banking to check your balances, statements, make payments and manage your money – available on iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones, tablets.
  • 24/7 Telebanking team to manage your finances easily any time of the day with a simple phone call to 1 300 80 2626.
  • SMS and Email notifications to alert you of changes to your account and new product offers.
  • Priority service for branch counter services.

Convenient banking with HSBC Amanah Advance Visa Debit Card-i

HSBC Amanah Advance Visa Debit Card-i which gives you a daily withdrawal limit of RM5,000.

Withdraw cash globally and make purchases with your HSBC Amanah Advance Visa Debit Card-i, subject to purchasing limit.

Stay in control no matter where you are

Global recognition with your HSBC Amanah MPower Visa Platinum Credit Card-i or HSBC Amanah Advance Visa Debit Card-i to receive banking services overseas.

Real time international fund transfer between your HSBC/HSBC Amanah Advance accounts via Global Transfer service2.

Issued by HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad (200801006421 (807705-X)). Member of PIDM. The material has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

1Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

2For HSBC Premier or HSBC Advance customers only. Subject to destination country's local regulation and HSBC internal policy requirement.


To be eligible for HSBC Amanah Advance, you must have one of the following:

  • Maintain a Total Relationship Balance of RM30,000 or more, which includes: Deposits in Current Account/-i, Savings Account/-i, Time Deposits, Term Deposits-i, and/or Investments in Unit Trust funds/Shariah-compliant Unit Trust funds, Structured Investments/-i, and/or Cash value from Family Takaful/Life Insurance products with investment-linked and savings components
  • Have a minimum housing financing amount of RM300,000 and above
  • Minimum monthly salary of RM5,000 credited into HSBC Amanah Account-i in Malaysia under Perks@Work 
  • Minimum monthly salary of RM3,000 credited into HSBC Amanah Account-i in Malaysia under Perks@Work Flex AND hold/apply for an HSBC Amanah Credit Card-i with submission of full documents
  • Monthly account fee of RM10 (subject to applicable tax, if any) will apply if the eligibility criteria are not met


Notes: The Monthly Account Fee applies to each HSBC Amanah Advance Account-i held by you.

If you sign up for an HSBC Amanah Home Financing of RM300,000 and above, you are entitled to enjoy a Monthly Account Fee waiver until full settlement of your loan. Thereafter, you are required to meet the Total Relationship Balance criteria, or Monthly Account Fee will apply accordingly.

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