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A happy couple is inputting credit card information into the laptop; image used for HSBC Amanah Balance Transfer page.

Balance Transfer

Consolidate all of your outstanding balances to your HSBC Amanah credit card-i.

What is Balance Transfer?

A balance transfer plan allows you to consolidate and transfer the outstanding balance from one credit card to another. It could help you in simplifying your payments and save you some money.

Simply consolidate your other banks' credit card outstanding balances and transfer to HSBC Amanah credit card-i now!

How to do Balance Transfer?

Call us at +603 8894 6236 to apply or to find out more about Balance Transfer.

Do not have HSBC Amanah credit card-i?

Things you should know

The minimum amount for each balance Transfer (“BT”) application is RM1,000. The eligible Cardholder shall pay the minimum payment of 5% of the outstanding balance which is part of the Minimum Monthly Payment due on or before the payment due date. The management fee is subject to HSBC Amanah’s approval. The terms used herein are as defined in the HSBC Amanah Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions.

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