What is Live Sign Live Connect?

Live Connect is an application that allows HSBC Relationship Managers (RM) to connect with our customers remotely via live video while Live Sign is an electronic signature solution for signing document electronically. These services are offered to our retail existing to bank (ETB) Premier customers for now.

Live Sign Live Connect is currently available to our five branches listed below covering Structured Investment, Unit Trust and Personal Loan.

  1. Bukit Bintang (BKB)
  2. Damansara Heights (DSR)
  3. Kuala Lumpur (KLH)
  4. Petaling Jaya (PJA)
  5. Subang Jaya (SBJ)


  • Convenient
    Engage in a video call with HSBC Relationship Managers at the comfort of your home or office.
  • Quick
    Cut out travel time by executing transactions and applications straight from your mobile device.
  • Go Green
    Do away with physical papers and sign documents electronically.
  • Viewpoints
    Your HSBC Relationship Manager can bring in relevant specialists should you need expertise on certain products.

Frequently asked questions

How does Live Connect Work?

Customers with HSBC Live Connect app can connect via a secure video link that is provided by your HSBC Relationship Manager. 

How does Live Sign Work?

Your Relationship Manager will send a digital document that requires customers to fill and sign electronically.

How do I initiate?

To initiate a Live Sign Live Connect journey, contact your Relationship Manager or visit one of the 5 branches.

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