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HSBC Sanctions Policy Statement

HSBC Holdings plc, including its subsidiaries, associated and affiliated companies (collectively, "HSBC"), is committed to complying with the sanctions laws and regulations of the European Union, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United Nations and the United States, as well as the applicable sanctions laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which HSBC operates. As such, HSBC Sanctions Policy prohibits all business activities or personal transactions that may violate applicable sanctions laws or HSBC's Global Sanctions Policy which includes, without limitation, the following:

  1. Engaging directly or indirectly with individuals, entities or vessels named on a sanctions list;
  2. Engaging in business activities or services directly or indirectly or for the ultimate benefit of countries/regions subject to sanctions. As at April 2016, these countries/regions include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and the Crimea region (subject to change from time to time); or
  3. Residing in, or operating out of, a sanctioned country/region location.

Please note that HSBC will not process any transactions that are prohibited above and could not support your business activities or personal transactions with the sanctioned countries/regions. This may result in HSBC having to suspend or withdraw the provision of services, products and/or accounts or take such other actions as are necessary in accordance with terms and conditions relating to Financial Crime Risk Management Activity, including its Generic Terms & Conditions or Relationship Terms of Business (as the case may be), a copy of which is available at /

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