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Security Device

Safeguard your online banking with a touch of a button.

Your Security Device

Enjoy online transactions with peace of mind

By using the Security Device to access HSBC Amanah's Personal /Business Internet Banking service, you can be assured that your information is being protected by one of the most sophisticated online security systems in Malaysia.

Ensuring your online transactions are safe and secure

At the touch of a button, your Security Device generates a dynamic, time-sensitive Security Code. The Security Code constantly changes and is unique to your Security Device. This Security Code is required, in addition to your User ID and password, every time you logon to HSBC Amanah's Personal/Business Internet Banking service. As only you have the Security Device, only you know the Security Code, and only you can access your account. Your Security Device is a simple and convenient way to ensure greater protection for you and your financial information.

You'll need to register for online banking before getting a Security Device

Care for your device

Your Security Device has been designed as a portable way to provide you greater security on HSBC Amanah's Personal/Business Internet Banking service. All customers will receive their initial Security Device free of charge. Any required replacement for the Security Device due to loss, damage (except if the Device is damaged on arrival) or battery replacement (if Device is issued for more than a year) will be subject to a charge of RM50.00.


Keep your Security Device in a safe and secure place, where it is unlikely to be lost or taken by others.

Keep your Security Device dry and safe from large temperature fluctuations.

Personalise your Security Device as you would a key, or other security object. Attaching stickers, key chains, and different coloured chords is fine, as long as the decoration does not give out information that would allow someone to specifically identify the Security Device with you (name, address, IC number, etc.) 

Call our 24-hour Telebanking helpline at 1300 88 1388 if the message, "BATT", appears on the LCD screen of your Security Device. This message means that the device's battery is running low, and that you will require a replacement device. Please note that it is not possible for you to replace the battery. Tampering with the internal parts of your Security Device will cause the device to malfunction.


Submerge your Security Device in water. The Security Device has been designed to be water- resistant, but not waterproof. Submerging your Security Device in water will cause it to malfunction.

Expose your Security Device to extreme temperatures. Leaving your device in areas with abnormally high or low temperatures (car trunk, clothes dryer, sun, etc.) may damage the plastic shell and cause problems with the device itself. 

Drop your Security Device from large heights, step on it, or otherwise physically stress the Security Device. Your Security Device has been designed to tolerate the normal day-to-day stress levels associated with daily handling. The device will be damaged if exposed to abnormal conditions. 

Open your Security Device. Your Security Device has several tamper proof features. Opening the device, removing the battery or circuit board, etc. will cause the device to malfunction.

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