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Terms and Conditions

For HSBC Amanah Fusion

Specific Terms and Conditions

These are terms and information relating to certain products and services to which you may have subscribed. You are advised to read these together with the Generic Terms and Conditions.

HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad’s Specific Terms & Conditions

Specific Terms & Conditions (September 2020 Edition)1

Specific Terms & Conditions (November 2019 Edition)

1The latest Specific Terms & Conditions (September 2020 Edition) is effective from 18 September 2020 on all New HSBC customers and 1 November 2020 on all Existing Customers.

Data Protection

We view your personal data and privacy seriously. This Notice has been issued in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act, 2010. If the Relationship Terms of Business is applicable to you, the consent form can be downloaded below