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Foreign exchange for Amanah Fusion

Fast and convenient foreign exchange services.

We provide fast, convenient and real-time foreign exchange services both in our branches and online via HSBCnet.

Key features

Make the most of overseas business opportunities

Use Get Rate to take your business across borders.

  • Enjoy reduced transaction costs and risks

  • Experience an improved payments process

  • View real-time rates before confirming payments

  • Enjoy preferential rates for 19 available foreign currencies

  • Execute higher transaction limits

Better cash management

Discover our comprehensive payments and collections solutions to suit your business needs.

  • JomPay - easy online bill payments for utilities, telecoms and more

  • HSBCnet Bill Payment – online bill payment for utilities, telecoms and government bodies

  • Interbank GIRO - payroll and fund transfers below RM1 million

  • RENTAS - urgent payments and transfers above RM 1million

  • DuitNow - simple real-time payments and receivables

  • FPX - real-time interbank e-commerce payments

  • DirectDebit - recurring interbank fund transfers

  • E-statutory payments - online payments to statutory bodies

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