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Excited businessman jumping; image used for HSBC Amanah Step-up Savings page

Lift off higher with your salary account

Save, pay and spend with your Perks@Work account2

Up to 5% p.a. Bonus Reward1 was awarded to those who Save, Pay and Spend with Perks@Work account2

Here's how it works:

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Up to 3.00% p.a. Bonus Reward1 on Incremental Balance

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Additional 1.00% p.a. Bonus Reward1 on Incremental Balance was awarded for those who paid a minimum of 3 bills via Personal Internet Banking or Mobile Banking

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Additional 1.00% p.a. Bonus Reward1 on Incremental Balance was awarded for those who spend RM500 or more on Eligible Spend with HSBC Amanah Debit or Credit Card-i

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Total of 5.00% p.a. Bonus Reward1 on Incremental Balance was awarded to those who Save, Pay and Spend with Perks@Work!


An existing HSBC Amanah Customer nominates his existing HSBC Amanah Premier Account-i as salary account under Perks@Work Programme. He paid 3 bills via Personal Internet Banking and spent accumulated RM500 on Eligible Spend during the same Promotion Month.

This is an infographic illustrating how the Bonus Reward is calculated, with a hypothetical numerical example. To start, Average Daily Balance, known as ADB, refers to the sum of the daily day-end balances for a given month during the Promotion Period, divided by the number of days in that month. If the previous month's ADB is RM100,000 and the current promotion month's ADB is RM250,000, the incremental balance is equal to RM150,000. But since the Maximum Incremental Balance that is eligible for the Bonus Reward is RM100,000, the Bonus Reward will be calculated by multiplying RM100,000 by the 5% per-annum rate and 30 days, and then dividing that total by 365 days. In this case, the Bonus Reward calculates out to RM410.96.

There’s more you can immediately enjoy with a Perks@Work account2

Financial gains

Get special rates on home and personal financing.


  • No withdrawal fees at over 10,000 MEPS ATMs nationwide.
  • Instant recognition as an HSBC Amanah Premier/Advance account-i holder.
  • No monthly fees to enjoy HSBC Amanah Premier/Advance privileges. 


  • Access to HSBC's global network of ATMs in 70 countries.
  • Fast customer service at branches.
  • Pay bills easily via JomPay to over 5,000 billers. 

Follow the steps below to enjoy more benefits with Perks@Work account2

  1. Visit your nearest HSBC Amanah branch to switch your salary account to Perks@Work.
  2. Provide the name of your employer to HSBC Amanah during account opening or nominate your existing HSBC Amanah account salary account.
  3. Sign up for Personal Internet Banking and apply for an HSBC Amanah Credit Card-i, if you have not done so.

Register your interest and set up an appointment in 2 simple steps:

Speed up your sign-up process by completing and bringing the form below to your appointment.

Issued by HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad (Company No. 807705-X). Member of PIDM.

1HSBC Amanah Step Up Savings Promotion Terms and Conditions apply. Promotion period: 1 January 2020 to 30 June 2020. Bonus reward disclosed are based on historical Bonus Reward Rate awarded from 19 March 2018 to 31 March 2018. The 3.00% p.a. Bonus Reward on Incremental Balance was valid for HSBC Amanah Premier and HSBC Amanah Advance Account-i accounts under Perks@Work Programme only. For HSBC Amanah Basic Savings Account-i under Perks@Work Programme, the Bonus Reward Rate was 1.5% p.a. Customers who are holding HSBC Amanah Everyday Global Account-i only are excluded from the Promotion. Fund deposited into the Participating Account consisted of fresh funds only. The Bonus Reward Rate was applicable only on Incremental Balance of minimum RM1 up to a maximum of RM100,000. All defined terms shall have the meanings assigned in the full Terms and Conditions.

2HSBC Amanah Perks@Work Programme Terms and Conditions apply.

Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.​​