Facilitation of Cross Border Account Opening and Worldwide Online Banking

Getting started in a new country

Don't let the thought of having to transfer all your finances abroad take the shine off your aspirations to work, buy a second home or move temporarily / permanently overseas. HSBC Amanah Premier, can make moving and living abroad as easy as it is at home.

Advantages of HSBC Amanah Premier include:

  • We can assist you to open a HSBC/HSBC Amanah Premier account in your new country of residence. Your credit card(s), ATM / debit cards and cheque book, and related PIN numbers will be dispatched within 10 working days.
  • A local HSBC/HSBC Amanah Premier Relationship Manager will help you with all your financial needs, including arranging your mortgage requirements.
  • View your HSBC Amanah Premier accounts from anywhere in the world and transfer funds for free with our unique Global View online banking service.

Moving to Malaysia

Our friendly team at the International Banking Centre can answer your questions about banking in Malaysia and discuss the financial services you will need to make the most of your time in Malaysia.

Moving Abroad

The International Banking Centre in Malaysia can assist you in many aspects of your finances before you leave. Our expertise and global reach can make your relocation easier.

Banking and Investing in Malaysia

Find out more about Malaysia's range of banking and investment opportunities. At HSBC Amanah Premier, we have the global strength to offer you a wide range of international banking and other financial services.

Banking and Investing Abroad

You could grow and diversify your wealth, potentially enjoying certain advantages such as tax-efficient earnings and easy access to global investment opportunities.

Studying in Malaysia

The Malaysian educational sector has always been responsive to the nation's developing needs. In fact, Malaysia has a market-sensitive Higher Education System which takes up the challenges of globalization by changing not only the content of curriculum and programmes but also more importantly their delivery systems.

Studying Abroad

Finding the right school for your children will no doubt be an utmost priority if you are moving your family abroad. Depending on where you move to, you will have a few options to ensure your children's education does not suffer and they adjust well to the relocation. Find out more useful information from our Study Abroad Resources Centre.

Retiring in Malaysia

Thinking of retiring in Malaysia? Gather more information on the requirements and opportunities available to you that will help you to make that very important decision.

Retiring Abroad

Whether you see retirement as a time for relaxation, or the opportunity to do what you have always wanted, it's important to plan well ahead and make sure that your finances are as tax efficient as possible. And if you're planning to retire abroad you need to think about how you'll manage your money in your new country too.

Find Premier Centres wherever you'll be in the world

Find out more about where you are moving to and how we can help:

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