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Spreading your wings

Having a baby, whether as a mother or father, is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life and will dramatically change your priorities, your lifestyle and your bank balance!

So it is essential that you make the necessary plans well ahead of the date, like setting up an Advance Account-i and sub account(s) (Advance Link Account-i) to earn potentially higher profit to cover the extra expenses that you will be facing. Our Personal Internet Banking and Telebanking are particularly useful to enable you to do your banking from home. The MPower credit card-i can make shopping more convenient, particularly as you can get Cash Back. Takaful Cards Protector will ease your financial worries on your credit card should the unexpected occurs.

With the coming of additional member in your family, you may consider renovating your home, decorate a nursery and improve safety features of your home. Need some financial assistance, apply for Anytime Money Personal Financing - i to help you to materialise what your needs.

This will be a good time to review your current protection coverage. For added assurance, you can take-up the following Takaful products for your protection needs.
1) HSBC LifeSelect Regular, an affordable regular contribution investment-linked plan that is tailored to your protection and investment needs.
2) Takaful PA Shield protecting you and your family should the unexpected happen.
3) HSBC LifeStyle Protector Plan or HSBC LifeStyle Protector Plus Plan - an affordable protection plan that helps you cope with life’s uncertainties.

This gives you the peace of mind that you, your spouse and even your little bundle of joy are being looked after in any unforeseen circumstances.

Useful tips

Visit your local library or bookshop for the background to Malaysian baby names; you will also find all the latest ideas on parenting! As soon as your baby is alert, introduce him or her to a playgroup. Babies love to be surrounded by other babies, and it is a great opportunity for new Mums to find out how others are doing and to pick up tips!

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Notice: Bring home a Sharp In-Car Air Purifier* worth RM459 and up tp RM150 Cash Back*!

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