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Spreading your wings

To ensure a comfortable life for your self and your family, you need to set goals and a timeframe including having an appropriate financial plan.

At HSBC Amanah we understand the different goals and aspirations of our customers at different stages of their lives. Our Financial Guides would be able to discuss with you your specific situation and preparations needed to achieve the plan. He/She may even propose an investment plan with you which offers the maximum tax savings, including long and/or short-term savings, investments and coverage to protect your hard-earned wealth.

A first step will be to set up an Advance Account-i and sub account(s) (Advance Link Account-i) to help your savings grow faster through potentially higher profit rate. You can even set up a recurring payment from your transaction account to your savings account, and invest your savings into the Term Deposit-i which is currently offering great rates.

You can opt for either HSBC LifeStyle Saver or HSBC LifeStyle Protector Plan where you can achieve your savings goal while giving you the assurance that your love ones are protected.

You should also explore investment opportunities with our third party Islamic Unit Trusts and Structured Investments which provide access to potentially higher yielding markets.

Useful tips

Learn as much as you can about budgeting and planning ahead through books and websites, and find out everything you can about how financial markets work. Education in these areas can save a lot of pain later!

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Financial Fitness TestSmart Account-iAnytime Money Personal Financing - iCredit Card-i

Financial Fitness Test

How financially well-off you will be in the future? Find out now with our Financial Fitness Test:

Advance Account-i

Aims to simplify your banking needs today and help you achieve your financial goals tomorrow.

Anytime Money Personal Financing - i

A hassle-free personal financing that allows you to leap into what you want, faster and easier.

Credit Card-i

MPower Credit Card-i - Live it up with privileged empowerment to match your lifestyle

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