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How HSBC Amanah Advance Works

Making the most of HSBC Amanah Advance

HSBC Amanah Advance has been designed to help you achieve more with your money. It offers services that grow with you as your needs expand and your goals change. The more features you use, the more you'll benefit.

5 steps to getting the most from HSBC Amanah Advance

1. Take a two minute Financial Health Check
The Financial Health Check tool will give an indication of where you stand against your financial priorities.

2. Manage your money with internet banking
HSBC Advance helps take the hassle out of everyday banking. With our online banking you can access your money safely and securely from wherever you are. Find out more about Internet Banking

3. Discover what drives your financial decisions
Use our interactive Values Survey to uncover your true attitude towards money. Your answers are anonymous and are meant to help you find out more about how you make financial decisions.

4. Arrange a financial review
Make an appointment with us to create a financial plan.

5. Take advantage of Latest Promotions
Visit our website regularly to discover exclusive latest promotions for HSBC Amanah Advance customers.


Find out more about how HSBC Amanah Advance can help you:

Manage your day-to-day banking.

Take advantage of our international services.

Get assistance on how to build your wealth.

Get total protection for you and your family.


Interested in building your wealth with HSBC Amanah Advance?

Call us on 1 300 80 2626

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Make the most of HSBC Amanah Advance in 5 easy steps. Find out more.